We are a multidisciplinary
creative studio
in upstate New York.

Our philosophy: narrative is a powerful tool. Storytelling creates genuine connections between agencies and clients, artists and audiences, companies and customers—and those connections yield real results. We harness the power of innovative media to bring both substance and style to your story. We like to call it “media for humans.”

Our work is forward-thinking, practical, and stylish.

  • All

  • Web design and development

  • Logo development and design

  • Graphic design and illustration

  • Print design and layout

  • Photography

  • Video and motion graphics

  • Visual identity design

Diner Porn

Diner Porn

  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

The Diner Porn homepage was built with one goal: convert viewers to make a pledge for the ongoing Kickstarter campaign. To achieve this, the design uses highlight sections, each outlining a different feature of the project. A "pledge now" button in the upper right corner stays fixed while the viewer scrolls. The landing section features a full-width campaign video, and when the video ends, viewers are once again prompted to make a pledge. Throughout the page, vivid hero images nest persuasive writing, giving the viewer a tour of one of the Internet's most beloved photoblogs.

We used a simple, two-dimensional stamp as the logo to set this photography project apart from its competitors. The challenge was choosing a stamp that perfectly represented the essence of diners; yes, diners have coffee, and lots of it, but it's the shoddy, imperfect mug shape of this stamp that represents the retro, old-school quality on which this project heavily relies.

Go to dinerporn.com

Catskill Made

Catskill Made

  • Copyriting
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Photograpy

Catskill Made is a journal of artists and makers living in the Catskills. The original site, currently being redesigned, profiled a group of makers, documented their workspaces, discussed what inspires them, and delved into their choices as creatives. After reading the story, users were able to shop directly from the makers without leaving the site.

Go to catskillma.de

Custom Holiday Cards

Custom Holiday Cards

  • Illustrations

These customized illustrations offer a fun and cute alternative to corporate designs.

Simi Stone Album

Simi Stone

  • Photography

We captured singer-songwriter Simi Stone backstage at Club Helsinki in Hudson, New York. Our photographs were used on the cover and throughout the packaging of her first record.

The Perry Initiative

The Perry Initiative

  • Print Design

The Perry Initiative engaged us to develop a fresh and attention-grabbing look for their print materials. We create flyers and postcards that use bold typography and nifty graphics to guide readers through their content.

Millennial High Art

Millenial High Art

  • Photography

Viral video masterminds Mike Sorace, Edward Sturm, and Bret Cohen called us in to document all the behind-the-scenes excitement of their latest production.

Brooklyn Cat Sitting

Brooklyn Cat Sitting

  • Web Development
  • Copywriting

We created an informative and professional site for Brooklyn Cat Sitting that incorporated cute visuals and upbeat copy geared toward cat lovers.

We used a set of line icons designed by Rami Wafaa that maintained the whimsical look of the company's brand.

We created this site on the Squarespace platform so that it could be easily updated by the client after our work was done. The site layout, featuring blocks of content organized intuitively into pages, presents information clearly without overwhelming readers. Plenty of white space ensures the design feels light and comfortable.

Go to brooklyncatsitting.com

Penning's Orchard

Penning's Orchard

  • Photography

JohnJosh Romaro and Jennifer Petronzio come to Penning’s Orchard for the apples, the cider, and most importantly—the tradition. We had the opportunity to join them in their annual adventure, documenting it for the Chronogram.

Matt & Kristen

Matthew & Kristen

  • Video

We ventured north to the beautiful coast of Maine to document this lovely wedding. We create nontraditional, documentary-style wedding videos that feature powerful visuals, smart editing, and evocative music.

We're cute and we like to be cutesy yay!

  • Consultation
  • Our consultation gives you a chance to better understand what we do, and more importantly, it gives us a chance to better understand you. What are your goals? How can we help you achieve them? Let’s have coffee or tea and get the conversation rolling.
  • Roadmap
  • After we meet with you, we’ll do a little cartography, plotting out all the steps necessary to reach your goals. X marks the spot for buried treasure—your completed project!
  • Agreement
  • If you’re down with our plan, we’ll sign an agreement and get started. We like to keep all of the details in writing. That way, if we hit any obstacles, we can move forward as a team.
  • Research
  • No, not like the boring research you did in school—this research is fun! We’ll use questionnaires and inspiration boards to gather all the necessary details about your project.
  • Creative Magic
  • We can’t reveal all the ingredients to our secret recipes, but we will keep you filled in through your client access page. Get ready to watch as your project unfolds.
  • Revisions
  • Your input helps us create the best possible product, and that’s our goal. We welcome questions and constructive criticism throughout the process, and we always build in time for revisions after every big step.
  • Delivery
  • We use fancy Internet tools like Dropbox to deliver files, we always meet deadlines, and we can customize your project file in any way you need it. We’re not kidding—need a GIF of yourself eating a sandwich? We’re game.
  • Feedback
  • After the project wraps, we’d love you to submit feedback. Tell us what we did right and what we can do better the next time we collaborate.

Choose us, and you're choosing a team of artists that are making waves in the creative community.

This agency is run by two extremely caffeinated creatives, Alecia Eberhardt and Tom Smith. We live and work in Saugerties, New York, between the Catskills and the Hudson River. We’re continuously inspired by the natural beauty and the buzzing creativity that surround us.